Apologetics Classes

Donald E. Hester will be teaching Tactics in Defending the Faith from March 5 to May 21 at Golden Hill Community Church, Brentwood, CA. The class will cover how to communicate your convictions with gentleness and respect, for the purpose of equipping the student to better understand, defend and communicate the truth of the Christian faith.

Apologetics Training

From time to time we will be offering Apologetics training and events. If you are interested in having classes at your Church or study group please contact us.

Apologetics Resources

What is apologetics and why should I care?

What is apologetics?

Christian apologetics is the art of answering critics and skeptics of Christianity.  Those answers should be given with gentleness and respect.  Apologetics should be closely tied with evangelism and missions.

Why should I study apologetics?

1 Peter 3:15 says to always be ready to given an answer with gentleness and respect.  The thing is Christians have good answers to life’s tough questions.  When skeptics or critics have good questions we should be ready with good answers.  As ambassadors for Christ we bring dishonor to His name when we don’t have an answer or if we have bad answers. 

How can LearnApologetics help?

We have a number of resources to help you answer the tough questions posed against the Christian faith.  As Christians we are called to be Ambassadors for Christ. 

LearnApologetics.com is our main landing page.  From there you will be able to navigate to our many resources.  LearnApologetics facebook page will keep you up-to-date on what is going on and pass on other useful information and resources from the world of Christian defense.  Website | Facebook page | Twitter
If you need to find answers to tough questions try SearchApologetics.com.  SearchApologetics is a project of Third Column Ministries with the goal of assisting Christians in being like the Bereans (Acts 17:11) with Apologetics research.  When you use SearchApologetics.com you will get results from over 160 of the top apologetics website on the Internet and without all the other noise you would get from typical search engines. Website
ReasonWIki is like a collaborative online notebook for third column Christian apologists. Collaborative means you can help! It will allow people to add, edit or post their apologetics information. It will also allow them to search ReasonWiki's vast database of apologetics information. Our goal is to create a collaborative apologetics resource that is web-based, open source, free-content apologetics encyclopedia. Website
Missional Apologetics seeks to employ the best of apologetics from church history, but also engage principles that relate to our current age. Due to the ongoing transition from a modern to post-modern culture, as well as a shift from Christendom to post-Christendom age, a new paradigm for apologetics is called for. This new paradigm has been in the process of development by apologetic academics and practitioners from different continents in recent years. Website
Donald's blog covering a wide array of subjects including apologetics, morality, public policy, metaphysics, science, religion, and philosophy. Website | Facebook page
Biblical Paranormal Research Group
Biblical Paranormal Research Group is Christian non-denominational research wiki into the paranormal and metaphysical. We are looking for contributors with competing ideas and different points of view. We encourage healthy skepticism and a Biblical view of the paranormal phenomenon. Website | Facebook page | Twitter
Third Column Ministries
Our ministry's main website. A place for all the legal and administrative stuff. You can also make a donation to our ministry there and help us keep these sites up and running. Website

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